Testimonials from MCH Families

“When my husband and I were looking into pre-schools for our oldest son we looked at many different options. We set-up an appointment to observe at Montessori Children's House because knew several families who had been very happy with their experience there. To be honest, we didn't go into that observation meeting thinking that we would enroll him there; our thoughts were "it's just preschool" and there were plenty of good pre-schools closer to our home that cost less money. But we were blown away after observing for just a few minutes and we knew this was the perfect fit for our son. He spent 3 years at MCH including his kindergarten year in which he attended our local elementary school in the mornings and MCH in the afternoon. Full-Day kindergarten is an option in our elementary school, but we felt strongly that he would get so much more from that extra year of half-days at Montessori Children's House. Our daughter is now in her second year at MCH and she too will spend a total of 3 years to have that great kindergarten experience.

I can't express how thankful we are for the strong educational foundation provided at MCH.

They teach facts and concepts that most pre-schools don't begin to touch on. Children's minds are such sponges at this age; the Montessori philosophy understands that, and provides so much for them to absorb. The math and reading stations provide the perfect foundation for those skills, and their curriculum regarding geography gives the children a good sense of the world as a whole and an appreciation of different cultures. I also believe strongly that the Montessori structure builds confidence and problem-solving skills.

Our son's elementary teachers have commented to me that they can tell a difference in his knowledge and his love of learning as compared to his classmates, and I credit that to his time at MCH.”

Melissa Barrow Kirtley
Worthington, OH

“We have four children: one Montessori Children’s House (MCH) alum, two current students, and one more starting next fall. We are sold on the Montessori method in general and MCH in particular. All our children have responded well to the self-directed, interactive, materials-centered approach of MCH. From the moment our children entered the MCH classroom, they have developed and progressed academically, emotionally, and socially in ways that we, as parents, can attest would not have otherwise been possible. The methods and techniques used by MCH and its staff to spark a child’s interest in learning and developing themselves into little adults are nothing short of amazing. We give MCH an unqualified and enthusiastic recommendation to all those parents who are interested in getting ahead of the curve by allowing their children to gain an immediate and lifelong appreciation and enthusiasm for growing and learning.

Brian and Jen Basil
Upper Arlington

“Our son started Montessori Children’s House when he was 3 years old. We contacted them late actually and were lucky that there was one opening available. He had formerly been in a wonderful daycare with a preschool program but we felt he needed a different atmosphere. Now he is in the Kindergarten program and the entire experience has been wonderful. His teachers have been phenomenal in recognizing the areas he needed to focus more on as well as those in which he excelled and communicating that with us. In fact, we have always felt well informed of his progress and have always felt we could talk to his teachers. He has also made great strides in other aspects of his development which have also been exciting to watch and I think that his teachers have been as excited to watch him. We have felt very fortunate to have our son in MCH.”

Laura and Peter Zimmerman
Columbus Ohio

“We have been a part of the Montessori Children’s House (MCH) family since 2004. All three of my kids started MCH between the ages of 2 ½ and 3. My two older sons went all the way through and graduated from their wonderful kindergarten program and are now at Greensview Elementary School in Upper Arlington. The transition was seamless; they were well prepared for 1st grade both socially and academically. My daughter will also be following in their footsteps and starting kindergarten at MCH next year. The teachers and directors have been so nurturing and available for my children. I am so very thankful for this school!”

Rita Hari
Upper Arlington

“Montessori Children's House has become like a second home for my family/children. We have driven from Carroll, Ohio for 8 years to keep our children in this fine school. There has been almost no turnover during that time and the entire staff has become like family. In addition, in line with the Montessori philosophy, our children do truly love to learn and we attribute this to the great beginning they had at MCH.”

Jim & Lisa Walker
Carroll, Ohio

“We were very pleased with our experience at Montessori Children's House. It was obvious that the teachers put a great deal of thought and planning into their classrooms and the administrators made sure that everything ran smoothly. We always felt that all of the staff had our daughter's best interest at heart. We were fortunate to find a school which is combination of academics, a caring environment, and hands-on age appropriate activities. We feel that our daughter's time at MCH really prepared her for elementary school and helped create a love of learning in her which still shows. We recommend MCH to anyone looking for a high quality preschool / Kindergarten in the Columbus area.”

The Witherow Family
Worthington, Ohio

“Our son and daughter attended MCH for their preschool and kindergarten years. As parents, we were looking for a Montessori school which was caring, academically focused, and fostered positive social development. We found that and much more at MCH.

The entire staff at MCH is warm and caring. Although the school is academically based, they never lose sight of the fact that their students are very young children. The kindness and respect with which the teachers treat the children is reflected in the way that the children treat each other, both in and out of the classroom.

MCH has a wonderfully skilled and sensitive group of teachers who truly get to know each child. At parent / teacher conferences, we were always impressed with how well they knew our children and as a result, how well they knew what motivated each of our children. Our children were very happy at this school and we credit their current academic success and achievement to the dedicated teachers and staff at Montessori Children's House.”

Stephanie & Rick Kleban
Columbus, Ohio

“Our three children have attended Montessori Children’s House since they were 3 years old. We began our Montessori experience in 2002. Our oldest two graduated from MCH’s Kindergarten program. Our youngest is currently enrolled and will also attend the kindergarten program. We believe in the Montessori Method and found that it creates confident, independent, responsible and successful learners. We chose MCH because of the outstanding staff.We looked at several preschools and both private and public kindergartens none could match the combination of outstanding hands-on learning and the nurturing environment provided by MCH. MCH has three different classrooms and we have had a child in each classroom. We are continually impressed with the calm, loving, and intellectual environment provided to our children. The staff at MCH treats all the children with respect and compassion and talks with them as the intelligent and responsible people they are. Our oldest two are outstanding members of their Upper Arlington school communities both academically, but even more importantly to us, as compassion and caring individuals. We see MCH as a partner in helping us raise successful, compassionate, responsible children. I do not believe you will find another place where your child will be more loved than at MCH.

Mary Lynn & Jeff Caswell
Upper Arlington, OH