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Welcome to Montessori Children's House

Montessori Children's House is an American Montessori Society Full-Member school providing Montessori preschool education for children ages 2½ through 5.

We are proud to be the longest-running, independently owned

Montessori school in Columbus - established in 1977! 


Our Philosophy

At Montessori Children’s House, we believe that all children carry unseen within them the person they will become. In order to develop their physical, intellectual, and...

Our Academics

​One of the most significant differences in a Montessori classroom is that children ages 3-6 are grouped together in one classroom. Because of this three-year age mixture, the children are exposed to many advanced activities that might not be available in a classroom with same-age children. The younger children watch the older children and...

This Week at MCH...learning about healthy habits!

Here we have V and G showing how toothpaste can protect your teeth. Using eggs as our stand-in for teeth, they soaked two eggs overnight in cola. First; however, they coated one in toothpaste. The next morning, the uncoated egg had been stained brown, but the egg with the toothpaste protecting it stayed white. This experiment was part of their science curriculum for this month. 


Montessori approaches science using hands-on learning, exploration, and discovery. The curriculum encourages children to engage with materials and experiments to develop a deeper understanding of scientific principles. The goal is to foster curiosity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning about the world around them.

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